New Leaders 2017

On behalf of the organising committee, it is our pleasure to invite you to participate in The AusIMM New Leaders' Conference 2017. This year the conference will be held in Melbourne, Victoria, 7 - 8 August with the topical theme: 'Building our future on the foundations of history'.

Melbourne and Victoria have had a rich mining history, starting with gold rush in the 1850's, in which people all across the world rushed to Australia to find their fortune. This established Melbourne as a major city, and also led to the Eureka Stockade, one of the most significant events in Australian history. Melbourne continues to be a major city in Australia's mining industry, with many large and small mining companies basing their head offices within the city, as well as many mines and quarries operating throughout the state.

Mining graduates in today's environment are constantly facing new and surprising challenges, which requires them to be innovative and develop original ideas to deal with contemporary issues. This conference aims to develop students and graduates mindsets to be better able to deal with complex developments, integrate and understand emerging technology, and to be able to effectively network with other students, graduates, and mining employees.

During these two days you will attend thought provoking presentations from the wide range of disciplines essential to mining, as well as networking events. These are aimed to challenge your ideas, provide you with key insights from mining leaders, to equip you with more leadership skills and to provide a platform to establish the community of the next generation of mining leaders. All interested parties are encouraged by the conference committee to become involved in the development of the future leaders of the minerals industry!

Alejandro G. Mari-Chatkiewicz SAusIMM and Samuel F. Hodgetts SAusIMM
Conference Co-Chairs
The AusIMM New Leaders' Conference 2017 Organising Committee